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I have also included biographical information and testimonials in case you are interested in bringing me to your community as a speaker or trainer. My work brings me to colleges and universities, military bases and academies, non-profit institutions and schools, places of worship, and spiritual centers around the world and it would be a pleasure to visit you and to support your work.

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* "Engaging Men and Boys in Sexual Assault Prevention: Theory Research and Practice, edited by Lindsay Orchowski and Alan Berkowitz, presents the state of the science and research on this topic." Click here

* "A Brief History of the Science and Practice of Engaging Boys and Men in Sexual Assault Programs" Click here

* "The Integrated Model of Sexual Assault Aggression: A Synthesis of 30 Years of Research and Practice" Click here

* "The Social Norms Approach as a Strategy to Prevent Violence Perpetrated by Men and Boys: A Review of the Literature" Click here

* "False Accusations of Sexual Assault: Prevalence, Misperceptions, and Implications for Prevention Work with Men and Boys" Click here

* "Aspiring to be an Ally to End Men’s Violence Against Women and Other Social Injustices: Lessons Learned Along the Journey" Click here

* "Correlates of Bystander Intervention Attitudes and Intentions Among Young Adult Active Duty Male Soldiers." Click here

* "Spiritual Service and the Inner Meaning of Temple." Please click here

* See past lecture topics come to life in colorful visual displays. Click here

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I thought he was awesome! I was really glad to see something like that happening on our campus! He made so many good points. I also thought that questions and answers were especially effective as they pertained particularly to our campus, and to some specific situations and climate that have occurred in the past.
A Student
Ohio Weslyan University

I have had the pleasure of hearing Alan speak for two large groups as well as several small. Alan's presentations are poignant and he is able to gear his talk well to his target audience so that it is meaningful to each participant individually. I have been impressed with his quiet gentle way of directing the discussion. He is great at bringing the audience into the discussion. I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable about his subject matter. Students, administrators and faculty all related to him well.
Julie M. Preito
Bishop Wellness Center    
Willamette University

Dr. Berkowitz's public lecture was enormously successful. Many students reported that, of the various lectures they had attended over the course of the year, his was the most enjoyable, important, and informative. In fact, members of the audience continued to discuss the lecture and their favorable impressions of him right up until the academic year ended. Having participated in dozens of events involving guest lecturers to campus, I can only note that his lasting favorable effect is remarkable and most unusual. Without question, if his visit to Colby can serve as the measure, his reputation is an earned and deserved one. Terese Arendell, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Sociology
Colby College

I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to have you here. Your demeanor is so kind and so patient and just being around you makes the world slow down just a bit. In addition to that, you were a hit. We have received so many compliments on your training (in fact, I have gone few places since Monday without being stopped)... so thank you again… Now I'm wondering if we might be able to get you out here for some other training. I have no doubt you have proved yourself here at the War College. Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
The Army War College

THANK YOU for the excellent, thought-provoking conversation. Everyone, including our friends from LAPD, gave it rave reviews. We will certainly be in touch. Chief of Public Safety,
Loyola Marymount University

His visit was worth every penny and Kenyon continues to benefit from the experience. Wendy Hess
Kenyon College

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