Selected Articles by Alan Berkowitz
from the Report on Social Norms

The Report on Social Norms, founded and edited by Alan Berkowitz, and published in 40 issues from 2001-2004, is an excellent resource for the theory, research and practice of the social norms approach. All 40 back issues, including those featured here, are available on the website of the National Social Norms Institute (

Emerging Challenges and Issues for the Social Norms Approach. An overview of barriers and challenges to effective implementation of the social norms approach, featured in the April 2004 issue.

Social Norms, Body Image and Problem Eating. A literature review featured in the November 2004 issue.

Responding to the Critics: Answers to Common Questions and Concerns about the Social Norms Approach. Written in October 2002, many of the issues and criticisms discussed remain timely and relevant to current practitioners of this approach.