Alan David Berkowitz

Fellow. American College Health Association (1999)

Alan is perhaps best known for his research and publications in the area of sexual assault prevention… and perhaps most loved for his programming in the area of multiculturalism and social justice.

In ACHA, Alan’s work has transcended sectional affiliations. A member of both the Mental Health Section and the Health Education Section, he has conducted research that is meaningful to health educators, health service administrators, and health care providers. His original work at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in the 1980’s introduced the concept of “Men Stopping Rape.” His research on misperceptions of alcohol consumption is of great importance to the field. A respected scholar, theoretician, and teacher, Alan has completed research in the area of social norms misperception theory – research that is changing the face of health education on the college campus. In addition, he has conducted diversity training workshops at several ACHA annual meetings.

Harry Cannon Outstanding Contribution to Men’s Issues Award. American College Personnel Association (1999)

The Standing Committee for Men recognized Alan Berkowitz as the 1999 recipient of the Harry Cannon Outstanding Contribution to Men’s Issues Award… Alan’s contributions go far beyond the Standing Committee for Men… Although he will probably be embarrassed by our promotion of his outstanding skills, if you are looking for an expert to address topics like changing campus culture, effective drug and sexual assault prevention strategies, reducing prejudice on campus, racial identity theory, multicultural issues in the classroom, men’s responsibility for preventing sexual assault, developing alliances between male and female staff, AIDS prevention, or understanding today’s students we highly recommend contacting Alan.

Outstanding Service Award. Network of Colleges and Universities Committed to the Elimination of Drug and Alcohol Abuse (1999)

The Outstanding Service Award recognizes a higher education alcohol and other drug prevention professional who has made an outstanding contribution to the field… The 1999 Outstanding Service Award is given to researchers H. Wesley Perkins, Ph.D. and Alan Berkowitz, Ph.D. for their seminal research on how students’ misperceptions of drinking norms of their peers can influence their own drinking behavior.

Miguel Garcia-Tunon Memorial Award in Human Dignity. American College Health Association (2001)

Alan’s work, life, writing and research are all dedicated to promoting the cause of human dignity.

Alan has dedicated much of his life’s work to promoting the causes of human dignity. For over twenty years he has helped design higher education programs that address health and social justice issues, including substance abuse, gender, racial identity theory, and diversity… A true mentor to his colleagues, Alan treats everyone with respect.

Outstanding Alcohol Prevention and Education Initiative, American College Personnel Association (2002)

As a co-founder of social norms theory, editor, founder of the Report on Social Norms, frequent presenter at ACPA meetings, and innovative scholar and practitioner, Alan’s contributions have had a major impact on the drug prevention field both within outside of higher education and in society at large. The Standing Commission on Alcohol and Other Drug Issues is honored to give Alan this award for outstanding alcohol prevention and education initiatives throughout his career.