Campus and Community Consultations

I thought he was awesome! I was really glad to see something like that happening on our campus! He made so many good points. I also thought that questions and answers were especially effective as they pertained particularly to our campus, and to some specific situations and climate that have occurred in the past.
A Student
Ohio Weslyan University

Dr. Berkowitz's skills as a lecturer and consultant are impressive. He spoke to an audience of nearly 400 hundred, mostly male students on our campus about men's roles in preventing sexual assault. He did a masterful job of lowering the defenses of the men in attendance, educating them about their responsibilities towards women and other men, and challenging and inspiring them to affect some positive cultural change. Whether he was consulting with 6 members of our Sexual Assault Hearing Board or speaking with a room of 400 students, he listened intently and provided very thoughtful and useful feedback. Dr. Berkowitz is a scholar with a naturally warm and genuine style. This combination makes him highly effective at challenging, educating, and inspiring students, faculty, and administrators alike. I give him my highest recommendation and would very much look forward to his return to our campus."
Eric S. Johnson,Psy.D.
Counseling Services
Ohio Weslyan University

I have had the pleasure of hearing Alan speak for two large groups as well as several small. Alan's presentations are poignant and he is able to gear his talk well to his target audience so that it is meaningful to each participant individually. I have been impressed with his quiet gentle way of directing the discussion. He is great at bringing the audience into the discussion. I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable about his subject matter. Students, administrators and faculty all related to him well.
Julie M. Preito
Bishop Wellness Center

The most important thing I can say about Dr. Alan Berkowitz is that he is an extraordinary speaker, and an exceptional listener. I hope to be able to expose my students to his unique quality again and again.
Evelyn Nadel
Director of Orientation
University of Scranton

We were very pleased with Dr. Berkowitz' work with students, administrators and policy makers...He is very good at directing his remarks to the important campus alcohol issues and encouraging groups to action. I am still getting positive feedback about his visit.
Koreen Johannessen
Director, Health Promotion and Preventive Services
University of Arizona

Dr. Berkowitz' visit to Western Washington University was an immense success. In one day of focused and careful conversations with our Athletic Department and male students, he catalyzed a university-wide effort that continues three years later. His caring and careful approach to the topic is held here as a standard to which we all aspire. He is able to dialogue persuasively with faculty, staff, and students and works well with administrators, policy makers, prevention specialists, athletic department staff, student athletes, and student leaders of all types... I highly recommend Dr. Alan Berkowitz as a speaker, a facilitator, a consultant, and a builder of bridges -- a person who creates a lasting campus dialogue about the prevention of sexual misconduct. He is a brilliant thinker and a warm human being who I am proud to count as a colleague.
Patricia Fabiano
Associate Director
Counseling, Health and Wellness Services
Western Washington University

Thank you for your recent training for CONNSACS. It was described by most participants as "excellent." This is a difficult group for which to plan trainings because they are of varied skill and knowledge levels. However, we obviously succeeded...and would like to bring you back at a future time for a follow-up.
Sharon Hunter
Director of Training and Outreach
Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services

We thoroughly enjoyed your visit to Wesleyan. I've received positive feedback from both coaches and students; in fact, several students in my class rated you as one of the "best" guest lecturers of the year.
Lynn DeRobertis
Program Coordinator, Health Education
Wesleyan University

Dr. Berkowitz's public lecture was enormously successful. Many students reported that, of the various lectures they had attended over the course of the year, his was the most enjoyable, important, and informative. In fact, members of the audience continued to discuss the lecture and their favorable impressions of him right up until the academic year ended. Having participated in dozens of events involving guest lecturers to campus, I can only note that his lasting favorable effect is remarkable and most unusual. Without question, if his visit to Colby can serve as the measure, his reputation is an earned and deserved one.
Terese Arendell, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Sociology
Colby College

His visit was worth every penny and Kenyon continues to benefit from the experience.
Wendy Hess
Kenyon College

Your talent for engaging men in conversations about the meaning of consent, why they might hold onto rape myths, and their responsibility for ending sexual assault had quite an impact... I do hope that we can bring you back to the University in the near future to continue the work that you began here last week.
Claire N. Kaplan
Sexual Assault Education Coordinator
University of Virginia




Participant Comments from Workshops and Conference Presentations

"Alan Berkowitz knows his stuff! Impressive researcher and practitioner."

"A workshop with Alan is like getting a brain massage. This was a great program!"

"The two talks given by Alan Berkowitz were the best seminars that I attended at this conference."

"Excellent and thought-provoking session. Excellent ideas. Excellent style and delivery."

"Very organized and clear presentation. Outstanding workshop, kudos to you."

"Alan's sessions were worth the price of the conference. Awesome presentation."

"This was a great workshop, I would recommend it to anyone."

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