More Testimonials

Comments from Sexual Assault Prevention Workshop Evaluations

“Alan was excellent”

“This was awesome”

“This was the best workshop I have attended”

“Dr. Berkowitz was especially a non-threatening sensitive presenter”

“Best session I’ve attended by far. Alan is articulate, thoughtful and knowledgeable.”

“Thank you for your participation in our recent workshop and especially for your powerful, effective keynote address. Over and over again I have received positive comments about your speech; it is particularly impressive that the comments are coming from a wide variety of individuals from different job perspectives and responsibilities. That is a strong compliment to your research and your effectiveness as a speaker.”

“On behalf of the NC Rape Prevention Program, NC Department of Health and Human Services, and the NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault, thank you for an outstanding workshop… We were very impressed by both the content and process of the workshop…Your presentations exhibited a wealth of expertise in rape prevention as well as your passion for this work… With an audience of 80-plus people and complex, highly charged material to cover, the workshop could have easily gotten off track. You skillfully kept the discussion on track and covered every topic on the agenda, an impressive accomplishment. Your openness, honesty and warmth were wonderful and kept the large group thoroughly engaged. You are a brilliant thinker and penetrated the heart of each person’s question with marvelous accuracy.”

“Thank you for a superb workshop. My respect for you as a man who has “done his homework” on sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. and continues to do so knows no bounds. The stimulation of your ideas and the sharing of others has my heart and mind going full speed… I know we will incorporate many of your ideas into our work in the coming year.”

“Thank you for your recent training for CONNSACS. It was described by most participants as “excellent.” This is a difficult group for which to plan trainings because they are of varied skill and knowledge levels. However, we obviously succeeded.”

“Great job. Excellent presentation style, substantive, approachable and affirming”

“The consultation was so helpful, it really turned us around!”